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Water Conservation Certificate Online

The Water Conservation Certificate Program is for working professionals whose duties include water conservation. The purpose of this training program is to either enhance the skill sets of current water conservation coordinators/ managers or to train new or emerging individuals by providing a body of knowledge regarding current water conservation topics and initiatives throughout the United States.


The certificate program will address the core competencies that are necessary for water conservation managers at both the entry and advanced levels across the country. The core competencies addressed are:

  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Recordkeeping
  • Local, district, and state regulations
  • Data analysis and research for water savings
  • Create, coordinate, or manage water conservation programs
  • Principles, practices, and technology of water conservation and/or water resources programs
  • Irrigation systems and techniques
  • Drought management policies and practices
  • Drivers for conservation
  • Economics of conservation
  • Social/behavioral actions toward conservation
  • Water use and water budgeting


The courses in the Water Conservation Certificate Program are:

After successful completion of each course with an 70% score on the final exam you will receive a certificate of completion. When you complete all eight courses you receive a Certificate in Water Conservation.

For those qualified individuals who want to get a jumpstart to this certificate program we are offering an opportunity to ‘test’ out of the  overview course. The forty question online exam must be passed with a minimum of 80%. The exam covers these topics;

  • General Issues in Water Conservation
  • Outdoor Conservation
  • Indoor Water Conservation
  • Industrial Commercial and Institutional (ICI) water conservation
  • Administration, Reporting and Communications
  • Water Conservation Behavior Changes

Successful completion of this exam will allow you to progress through the series starting with the Outdoor Water Conservation course.  You will not receive any CEUs for taking the exam.

No refunds are issued for failure to pass the exam.

To view the qualifications click here.

No refunds are issued for failure to pass the exam.


A passing grade of 70% in each course will be required to receive a certificate of completion.