Water/Wastewater Training

The 1974 Florida Legislature passed "An act ... to establish a center for continuing education for training, research and education in environmental occupations with special emphasis upon training of operational personnel for water and wastewater utilities.... " The State of Florida and the United States Environmental Protection Agency provided the construction funds. Four universities were interested in obtaining the new center. After reviewing the strengths of each institution, the State located the Center at the University of Florida, but with a cooperative, statewide mission.

Since then the University of Florida, Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations (UF/TREEO) has expanded its course offerings and has the staff and network of available resources to ensure that you learn meaningful procedures and techniques that you can immediately implement at your job, as well as concepts and skills that should be beneficial to you as you progress in your career.

Courses are offered to help individuals maintain their certifications by earning necessary, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Development Hours (PDHs), and Operators Certification Program units (OCP). Our offerings include: